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Mercruiser Service Bulletins
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BMW / Mercruiser Service Bulletins
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d190zMercruiser D254 / 4.2 Diesel

For all the BMW and Mercruiser six cylinder diesel engines, from the D150 thru the current 4.2, we highly recommend MERCURY's excellent Service Manual # 12. It is 196 pages thick and very well written with 100's of excellent illustrations on all the parts and procedures.


The Mercruiser parts catalogues are copywritten. We have originals available for sale.

In place, you will find herewith the VM Motori parts catalogue. The Mercruiser 4.2 liter diesel are made by VM Motori and are almost identical to the Mercruiser 4.2 liter six cylinder models.

We can cross reference most Mercruiser and VM Motori parts to our BMW part numbers. Parts exclusive to the Mercruiser sixes, are stock and sold under the Mercury part numbers.

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Use the following illustrations to identify if you have a Mark I or Mark II Z-drive

Other Models

  • 410
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  • B220W
  • B635Z
  • D530Z DIESEL
  • D636Z