A sampling of customer boats from around the world. Click on an image to enlarge.


"BMW at Play"

Robert Lundstrom's Swedish wonder.
BMW 4.0 litre V8 power

Hakan Nilsson BMW Alpina 31 at speed.



Roy Burrell in Brunei



Alain Bougeard



Bart Schuttevaer & Son


United States

North East

Malaika is a 77' World cruiser. A Pilot house sloop she is of Kelsall Design and was built in Germany. Her auxiliary generator is powered by our favourite engine, the BMW 3 cylinder D50.

She was sold in 2003 by Bob Carson of Southern Trades. Southern Trades is located in the Caribbean in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands. See


Hans Christian in California

Many 38' and 41' Hans Christians and Sister ships the Lord Nelsons came originally equipped with the best of the BMWs, the D50-2


Recently a fellow named Andy gave us this great story and compliments on our service.

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Doug Pope's S2 7.9 sailing on Sandusky Bay, Lake Erie, Ohio, USA.
Auxiliary Power: BMW D7

"In sailing competition with other S2's, those without a motor have an unfair advantage over those with BMW D7's on board." rl


Canada West

Howard Skead Port: New Westminster BC, Canada

Does it get any better ?

Hinckley, Sparks & Stevens, BMW



Jón Thorberg Jensson has a BMW 2 cylinder D35-2 diesel in his boat.

In the background is Iceland. And we pictured seeing ice instead of lush green meadows?


Hi Richard,

I am replacing a 1927 twin cylinder Albin (Swedish) 12 hp Petrol Motor in my 100 year old 20' carvel hulled "putt-putt" . I found a D35 complete with heat exchanger, gearbox, harness, panel for $ 2250.00 Australian Dollars. I didn't know that BMW made marine motors and being a BMW driver (22 year old 523i) the advert caught my attention. I found your WEB site, appears to be nothing in OZ, read all I could on your site and decided to check this beasty out.

I paid the seller, a restorer of old engines. a visit to discover one very nice bit of engineering. It has done 600 hours and appears to be in excellent condition. He set up a small mower tank of diesel above it and it started first go and sounded very sweet (for a diesel w/o a muffler). I negotiated a price and we shook on the deal.

He was asked to sell this by the widow of a recently deceased mate who was just about to drop it into his yacht. Such is life ! I'll try to get it into my boat before I drop!

Bruce Perry
Avalon Beach, Sydney, Australia





Tamas Major Port: Lake Balaton


The Netherlands

The oldest midget boat in the Netherlands. She was built in 1969 and when the winds down, she cruises with a single cylinder BMW diesel engine. She’s called “Gurk Griend” and has been owned by Freek Smink since 1975.



Albert Santucci owns this immaculate Coronet Weekender 21'. This is the original sales photo from when it was new.

Albert advises : " It is back in great shape as you can see. Especially with the brand new BMW B130 & Z Drive. Hope all is fine and smooth for you and family. God bless and regards, Albert. "

If you are ever in Malta, Albert owns an Antique store there.

We have another 3 or 4 sail boater owners on the Island Nation of Malta with BMW auxiliary engines.



Chris Sealine "PuddleDuck"

Graham UK



The Sabre in Switzerland



Dan Puritz's "The Cat's Meow"